Apartment building at Dhaka makes conversation with manmade nature and surroundings environments. This new design from Oli Mahmud Architects tries to interpret built environment as a part of landscape. Here building and landscape are not two separate entities; they became integral parts of each other.


The architecture is shaped by how it interacts with nature. The built form grows spontaneously accommodating required functions whilst giving enough space for growing plants in a casual manner, like the way it grows in our subtropical landscape.


The design tries to find out its way to break the urban monotony. Growth of plants, movement of leaves by wind flow, interplay of light and shadows by sun, and moonbeam on building surface create a kind of dialogue with each other that we often skip in our living environment. The entire process creates functional and emotional attachment of the users with the built environment in a new way.

The project is recently under construction and estimated to complete within mid of 2023.