Bangabandhu Hall

বঙ্গবন্ধু হল

The project is conceived as an arena for living. Programmatic facility of the dormitory is set around a circular open courtyard subjected for diversified uses like playground, socialization and other communal activities. In linear type dormitory some part of building becomes isolated while in the circular shape all segments have visual contact among each other, which is the beginning point for communication. Rather than an isolated residual facility the design encourage for sharing values among the occupants. Functional module with a circular array shapes up the building form. Above the building entry approach, functional module at upper level has been omitted at a gradual manner that assures proper air flow during warmer seasons and also provides view towards the horizon from any place of the dormitory. Exterior monotony has been worked out through the veranda treatment with alternative solid and void.

Location: Noakhali, Bangladesh
Status: Built
Year: 2020
Area: 78,000 sft
Team Leader: Oli Mahmud
Design Team: Sadia Ahmed, Abu Hanif Siddique, Ashis Mondal
Engineering team: Structure – Ruhul Alam, Pankaj Majumder
Client: Noakhali Science and Technology University