Bashontopur Tower

বসন্তপুর টাওয়ার

The project is exposed to the adjacent green field of Bangladesh Fire Service Authority. Central vertical core separates two units at front and back manner, whilst providing both front exposures to have field view. Approaching from the main street building volume has been stretched side-wise that provides certain visual setback and creates an open space for common share of the units. Crisscross projected box at corner de-fragment the volume and become focal point. Bottom slab of each projected box is for balcony and top is for gardening. Eventually each floor is benefited with balcony and garden for pleasant living situation.

Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh
Status: Built
Year: 2011
Area: 29,000 sft
Team Leader: Oli Mahumud
Design Team: Abdullah Al Mamun, Abu Hanif Siddiqu
Engineering team: Structure – Advance Engineering
Landscape: oma
Client: Stripling Properties ltd.