Degree of Urbanism

নগরায়ণের মাত্রা

Expanding human population creating high frequency pressure on the limited resources of earth. Ultimate result provokes an unstable future for human civilization. In such scenario what would be the degree of urbanism? Questioning dictates to investigate for options to face future challenges, exploring new possibilities for city development & living environment. What if….

• We stop creating concrete jungle on earth.
• Gravity gets victimized by man kind.
• We magnify our habitable area by inserting perpendicular development.
• We leave enough space for a green planet.
• We establish vertically align cities with self composed mechanism.
• Our lifestyle & society become information embedded.
• We adopt intelligent building system.
• Our built structures produce energy by itself.
• Clouds become source of water.
• Earth surface is used for only production and leisure.
• Civilization progress from global to universal.
• Sky becomes the bottom limit for us.

Location: World
Status: Research
Year: 2011
Area: N/A
Team Leader: Oli Mahmud
Design Team: Mominul Islam, Abdulla Al Mamun
Client: International Union of Architects (UIA) World Congress, Tokyo – 2011