Niketon Gateway

নিকেতন প্রবেশপথ

This gateway connects Niketon residential area with the greater city context. The gate is approached to the main road by a short entry way. Other side of the main road there is Hatirjheel Lake. So, visual clarity towards the lake was highly required. We are to make the gateway with a fixed width at the backdrop of visual disarray of the housing area. It becomes crucial to find out the appropriate form. We went for two different height walls at two side of the entry way connected by diagonal slab with similar thickness. Top corners have been toned down by soft curves and it became a monolithic structure. Two separate contexts, the city & the housing area get attached here physically and conceptually. The structure is more open by type creates less visual barrier towards the lake. The expression of form is non-formal and guided by the feeling rather than the functional aspects.

Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh
Status: Built
Year: 2014
Team Leader: Oli Mahmud
Design Team: Abdullah Al Mamun, Abu Hanif Siddique
Engineering team: Structure – Monayem Hossain
Client: Niketon Society