Urban Pavilion

শহুরে তাঁবু

We focused on an abandon park at highly condensed commercial block of Kawran Bazar area for latent exploration of Future Public Square. Runoff by two major traffic roads the sharp triangular site pinnacles at the nodal point of SAARC fountain at north, while south is barred with an alley and commercial high-rise buildings. Currently pointed part of the triangle site contains a small tower with raised green at north and the rest of the areas are habitat of tall green trees making an opaque environment. Speedy vehicular routes and lack of transparency hinders public intervention of the place. Strategic location of the site is grabbed by some largest and prominent commercial and business structure of the town. We aimed to create a fluid and transparent public realm for this rigid locale. Park will be fitted with public plaza with open exhibition space, pavilion, and café. A footbridge over eastern street connects the park with nearby BegunBari Canal Development Project and neighborhood area to maximize social exchange of the place. Decoding the adjacent traffic force into supple landscape emerging from the ground perform as a buffer between roads and the activity area of the park. Gradual green climbing at junction point provides sufficient visual setback for the passing vehicular traffic. The central plaza has an undulating floor to serve multipurpose public generation at different occasions. A green stage punctures lower altitude of the plaza surface to perform popular drama, concert, projection, fashion parade and so on. The pavilion structure beneath the raised green surface houses a café, toilet and a display center with digital display for products information of Bangladesh. This would feed back the immediate commercial center and attract public interest.

To facilitate public activities, partly energy requirement designed to meet by self-generating energy sources. Eco- flooring system of plaza will create energy from public foot pressure to illuminate park at night. Glass canopy with solar panel will contribute to the energy supply system, which will also shade the open exhibition arena. Harvesting rainwater from slope green will help to irrigate vegetation of the park. We visualize the area as an urban pavilion for the immediate context as well as greater urban situation. Functional multitude with technological adherence is adapted to make a vibrant urban square for spontaneous public participation and enhance social interaction. Reaching far beyond aesthetics values it is to serve human needs for public breathing space and communication to nurture the urban social life.

Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh
Status: Proposal
Year: 2010
Area: 2,17,000 sft
Team Leader: Oli Mahmud
Design Team: Abdulla Al Mamun, Mominul Islam, Sanjoy Roy
Landscape: Oli Mahmud Architects